Why should you write RTRE?

Move from ‘I think I can’ to ‘I know I can’.

The fact that you are here on this page signifies two things:

First, you are a student (or parent) of class V to XII

Second, you are very committed to grow in life

Why write RTRE, is a very natural question to ask. To answer that question we have to first understand what is RTRE? RTRE is essentially an admission cum scholarship test with many inbuilt benefits. Another important aspect to understand any test is what kind of questions get asked. Here RTRE creates big value for students. Kind of questions asked in RTRE are not run-of-the-mill questions from a typical school text book. Rather they are application based questions which check ‘Concept Clarity’ of students on the topics covered.  The questions are generally conforming to prescribed syllabus.

Some major benefits of writing RTRE Sincerely:

Evaluation of student’s potential: There are good performing students of school who feel they can handle any school exam. But we know competitive exams are very different from school exams. How do you know you can do well there as well? Don’t worry, write RTRE on 6-Oct-2019 and get to know your Rank Potential Index for various Competitive & Scholastic Exams

Analyse Subjects/Topics covered: You will get detailed Performance Analysis across Subjects, Chapters & Concepts. That would unearth your strengths as well as weaknesses.

Measure student’s current readiness: Get Detailed Analysis of your Current Readiness & what you need to do for the aspired Goal (studying at an IIT) as well as Intermediate Milestones (Jr. Olympiad, NTSE, X / XII Boards, KVPY, BITSAT, Olympiads)

Goal Setting with Experts: Get a Free Session of Goal Setting with the FIITJEE Experts to prepare a roadmap for your Optimum Success.

Go beyond the school ranks: No competitive exam shall be School level, why be happy with school rank than. Write RTRE and get to know your Position / Rank on a much broader scale.

Start early & beat the competition: Make best use of your time. Immediately on joining a FIITJEE Program, you will start getting academic inputs for your immediate Goals.

Get Lowest Course Fee: You will be paying the Lowest Fee for session starting April, 2020 (for Students going to Class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII)