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Rules and Regulations

Downloads/ Important guidelines for new admissions

Important guidelines for new admissions

All Students and their parents/ legal guardians should go through these words of advice:

1. Before taking admission each candidate, his/her parents & legal guardians are required to:

(a) Go through the FIITJEE leaflet/brochure/information booklet, word of advice, selection letter & website thoroughly. Other than these no other verbal assurance of any kind is given by FIITJEE.

(b) Meet few FIITJEE students successful in IIT-JEE / NTSE / AIEEE etc. & learn what made them successful. Know from them what was the contribution of FIITJEE in their Success? Also meet a few FIITJEE students not successful in IITJEE/AIEEE/NTSE & learn why they could not qualify IIT-JEE.

We highly advise that you also talk to non-FIITJEE students both successful & unsuccessful ones, to form a clear opinion regarding what a coaching institute can do for you.

Please do not take admission at FIITJEE if you think FIITJEE is not the best for IIT-JEE coaching.

An intelligent student having aptitude & analytical skills for IIT-JEE/NTSE etc. has to have self study for at least 3 hrs for every hour taught at FIITJEE. Needless to say if you are not a highly analytical student you have to put in even greater efforts.

IIT-JEE is a different exam where you will feel lost if you do not focus on fundamentals and / or you do not develop / have high analytical skills. Any amount of effort will be in vain without high analytical skills. Admission at FIITJEE does not mean that you have high analytical skills. FIITJEE teachers will guide you in such a way that you can improve your analytical skills tremendously, whether it happens or not will depend upon you. The only way to improve your analytical skills & your chances to get through IIT-JEE / NTSE etc. is to solve each & every problem in FIITJEE assignments yourself. You may have to make several attempts & even go back to your basics to refresh them to solve a particular problem. It is this intensity & quality of effort which will help you develop good analytical skills.

In the end, remember while anyone can appear in IIT-JEE or pretend to prepare but only the ones who walk the right path succeed. FIITJEE has no magic potion to make you successful. Besides coping up with school/college & IIT-JEE studies will challenges every bit of your mental & physical energies.

2. FIITJEE starts making arrangements of infrastructure, faculty & other resources about 6 months before commencement of financial year. FIITJEE admits students as per its capacity plans, (subject to unforeseen circumstances & usual organizational risks) therefore each student taking admission has to pay complete fee under all circumstances i.e. even if he/she discontinues for any reason whatsoever or parents / guardians be transferred. Not all students who sit in our admission test are offered admission therefore you & parents have to be very sure before taking admission as you have to pay complete fee under all circumstances.

Once a class starts FIITJEE does not admit any students. Therefore, any vacancy created by a student leaving FIITJEE cannot be filled up. Since FIITJEE has to source infrastructure, faculty etc. in advance, loss of fees of students leaving after taking admission will compel the institute to enhance fees for next batch of students which is unfair to them. Therefore, students/parents must clearly understand this important aspect and take admission only if they are fully satisfied.

3. Rules, regulations and declarations are also explicitly stated in the FIITJEE enrolment form and parents/legal guardians must refer them while enrolling their ward in FIITJEE programs.