What are the advantages of starting preparation as early as 8th / 9th?

Shubham Gupta (AIR-17): It is beneficial as it can develop or increase your inclination towards subjects. If you are well motivated, focused and intelligent then it will give you a head start. It will lay down your foundation properly & you shall not struggle in higher classes like 11th. But you have to be serious in class 8th/9th then and seriously give exams like NSEJS and NTSE. It will make your concepts strong till class 12th. You have enough time in 8th/9th, you can invest some in studies. You also figure out you strength & weakness and take decisive step in future easily.

Vipul Agarwal (AIR-22): Yeah, starting preparation early sharpens your mind from an early age, also it build in you an ability of thinking and aptitude. When you have healthy amount of time you can plan in a much better way than having a limited amount of time. Also you can get your basics right, right from the starting so you will face much less problems in your higher classes. Also you get more time to practice. But some students also get overconfident if they perform good in lower classes, which may ruin their future. So just stay grounded.

Hardik Agarwal (AIR-69): Starting early is beneficial in my point of view as you get much time for understanding the concepts and also it gives you advantage over other students. Also there are competitions such as NTSE and NSEJS which are highly recognized national level competitions and they are worth giving time. So, 8th/9th std. should be the ideal class for starting competitive preparation.


FIITJEE takes admission from class VI. We believe that we can do great value addition in students’ academic journey from this stage. Should we start early is a question many parents ask. On one hand there are people who say that a child is too young to start in class 6th to 8th. And on another hand there is empirical data to prove huge dividends of early start.

Before we get to advising, let us consider some facts about bright student of Class 6th, 7th or 8th:

  • They devote 60 to 90 minutes to finish homework.
  • Finishing homework is considered ‘Study Completed’ by maximum students and parents.
  • School exams pose little challenge to them. They are easily doing quite well there.
  • Their concepts and knowledge is never tested with best of brains of the city.
  • There is little discussion in school class due to heterogeneity & big batches.
  • According to a study, among the illustrious performers of last two years in JEE/NEET, majority of students had started their preparation before class.

Such students aren’t just successful in JEE/NEET, but also in NTSE, NSEJS, KVPY & Olympiads.

If you agree to above, you know there is a case to pitch FIITJEE courses for stronger fundamentals.

What we do differently includes:

  • We train the students on fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics.
  • Our classes are discussion oriented, hence would create curiosity in the young minds.
  • We ask students to work on variety of problems which are not from their school books, instilling importance of concepts in their mind.
  • We develop Analytical skills by additionally teaching Aptitude Problems in a graded way.
  • The teaching pedagogy in class VI/VII/VIII creates minimum possible stress.

Hence we would recommend that students should join FIITJEE Courses as early as possible to get benefit of developing excellent concepts, sharp analytical skills, exam temperament and a curious mind.