1. Why are your enrollment formalities very tedious?
We believe in making everything clear to you and specially the worst part. Verbal discussions may create communication gaps. We want you to be clear of every aspect of the program at FIITJEE in writing.

2. Why certain points In your enrollment form are repeated?
It might look as repetition but they are created to ensure no communication gap.

3. Why do you keep so many fee heads in your fees plan?
Simply for transparency and clear communication, You should be aware about what it is you are spending the money for and what is inbuilt in the program.

4. Why there is no fee structure in your brochures?
In order to give advantage to serious aspirants who plan to start their preparation early, FIITJEE charge less fee from early joining students. Various fee plans in the brochure will make it bulky and it will be confusing to student and parent too. To stream line it, the applicable fee plan will be sent to you along with your offer packet. An interactive fee calculator is also available on our website which gives you an idea about the fees at FIITJEE.

5. Why is your fees structure changing always?
Competitive exams like IITJEE, AIEEE, NTSE, SAT etc requires a preplanned and strategic approach. To encourage students to start their preparation early, we offer fewer fees to them who plan in advance and start their preparation early.

6. Why can’t we have single payment options?
We have experienced that a single payment option isn’t convenient to most students’ parents. If it is convenient to you, you can very well pay all the installments at one go.

7. Why is your fee for the IITJEE coaching on the higher side? What difference does it make in comparison to others?
Everything is structured, right from registration till student passing out for JEE. FIITJEE has never compromised on quality. As an added advantage, we have full time faculty, fully dedicated for Training purposes ensuring high standard of teaching, Comprehensive Study Material, very good infrastructure etc. Hence for quality product you can spend an extra cost.

8. Will special classes be arranged for student who missed a couple of classes due to unavoidable circumstances?
No, we don’t provide special classes in the schedule for the missed out classes. But still the child has an advantage of seeking the help from respective faculties by way of fixing appointments. Normally in FIITJEE, doubt clearing session happens at a frequency of almost every day.

9. Is it sufficient for me to concentrate on FIITJEE study materials alone to attain my goal or do I need other supplements?
FIITJEE study materials are prepared by a committed team which ensures the latest developments and updates in IITJEE / AIEEE and other competitive exams. Moreover the study material of FIITJEE is pattern proof which can be confirmed from any successful student in IIT-JEE. Hence it is upto you to decide.

10. Let me know what types of tests you are conducting during the course?
Periodically, students are tested with a mid phase internal test and phase test which happens as per the course schedule. Apart from this, in the classes Quizzes are conducted, Chapter Practice Problems, assignments are given. FIITJEEE’s AITS (All India Test Series) & AIITS (All India Internal Test Series) are very famous among students for huge competition and exact practice of JEE.

11. How can I check my ward’s performance?
FIITJEE has a system of giving comprehensive performance report after every Phase exam is over. Normally after evaluation the marks are sent to every parent via SMS. Moreover in Jaipur centre’s website the student’s performance report can be viewed.

12. Is there any PTM in FIITJEE or how frequently the parents can meet the faculty members?
Generally PTM’s are conducted after every phase test to discuss the performance of the students. The schedule of these PTMs will be informed in advance. However parents can also get in touch with the individual faculty members for any clarifications with prior appointments.

13. How many students will be available In a batch?
At FIITJEE Jaipur the batch strength will be between 30 to 40 students.

14. Are you conducting practical class In Pinnacle integrated school program?
FIITJEE is running integrated school programs with the tie-up schools whereby the tie-up school will be handling the practical sessions during the course.

15. Is Transfer to other FIITJEE Centres possible & what Is the procedure for applying for a transfer?
Yes Transfer is possible to other FIITJEE centre in case of parent getting job transferred or any other valid reason. The Transfer application form is available in the FIITJEE website and the transfer will be done only on availability of seat in the relevant program in the respective centre. A prescribed Transfer Fee in the form of DD will also be collected. It is mandatory to clear all the installments before transfer is finalized.

16. Is FIITJEE Providing Air-conditioned Classroom at centre for students?
Generally yes. But not as a guarantee and not at every centre. Air Conditioning is done as the program is of longer durations and the students are having extra load on to their studies. We provide A/c Classrooms to provide a Stress free study atmosphere on best effort basis. If air-conditioned class is a matter of concern for you, please check it at your preferred study centre.

17. Are all programs available at all FIITJEE Centres?
No, the availability for the respective program in the respective centre should be checked from the preferred FIITJEE centre.