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FIITJEE Courses for School Students
FIITJEE offers specturm of various courses for students in classes VI to XII. For each course the structure is designed to give comfortable academic environment to students. FIITJEE Classroom / School Programs are unique in themselves as they ensure the best possible result depending upon the basic potential of the student and his/her ability to work hard. The methodology developed by us and which is followed in our classroom / school programs for IIT-JEE preparation lays emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Science & Maths and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process.

Courses of FIITJEE Jaipur Center

  • CLASS VI - Little Genie - One Year Foundation Program

  • CLASS VII - Udaya Two Year Program

  • CLASS VIII - Udaya One Year Classroom Program

  • CLASS IX - SUPREME - Four Year Integrated School Program

  • CLASS IX - Four Year Classroom Program for JEE (Advanced)

  • CLASS X - Three Year Classroom Program for JEE(Advanced)

  • CLASS XI - Two Year Classroom Program for JEE (Advanced)

  • CLASS XI - Pinnacle Two Year Integrated School Program

  • CLASS XII - One Year Classroom Program for JEE (Advanced)

FIITJEE Courses For Class XI